Readings for Noobs

Many of my clients are people who have never had a psychic/intuitive reading before. I may be attracting these clients because I’m still new to giving readings publicly, or it may be something else.

I have a confession: I’m a skeptic psychic. 

I know! That doesn’t make sense, right? How can I give readings to people if I question my psychic ability? Because the doubt I feel is probably more accurately called openness. I am open to the idea that I am wrong and that the energy and messages I tap into are imagined. That a fluke in my brain has created all of it. But I am also open to the possibility that I’m not wrong, that there’s something to all this intuition stuff.

And so I give readings–readings that blend both practical and magical guidance–and because of that, I think people who are new to readings are very comfortable with me.

So, if you’ve ever thought about getting a psychic/intuitive reading but you’re not sure what it’s all about, let me tell you what my readings are NOT: 

Readings are not set in stone.

Freewill, coincidence, whatever you want to call it, there are forces, seen and unseen, that influence us all the time. I could give you a reading and an hour after the reading you could (insert life changing event here) and everything from the reading would change, or even become irrelevant.

I like to think I’m conveying the essence of a situation–that I can feel the energy of a situation as it is in the moment, and all intentions sustained that essence will remain. But often intentions change and usually, that’s when it’s time for another reading.

I cannot read your mind.

When I give you a reading I want to establish a connection with you, but that doesn’t mean that I know exactly what you’re thinking/feeling. This is why I often ask clients to begin with a question. It breaks the ice for the both of us and opens the door to establishing a connection.

Many times, and I love it when this happens, something that comes up during the reading will deeply resonate for the client. If this happens to you, this is a great time to share what you’re experiencing or ask another question because this guides me and helps me help you better. 🙂

Readings are not necessarily “THE FUTURE.”

Because readings are not set in stone (see above) what I will communicate to you will not necessarily be predictive. However, when I tap into the essence of your situation, I can sense where possibilities are, and in that way it may seem like I’m describing the future. Your actions, thoughts, and feelings combined with these possibilities are what makes a future possible.

Readings are not evil. 

In fact, they are often quite the opposite. We all have many different names for the Divine and I believe that when I am channeling messages for you, or interpreting the Oracle Cards that I use, I am connecting to the Divine. I like to think of intuitive messages as being on a spectrum from light to shadow rather than “good to evil”. I interpret light in this context to mean something that is working well, something external, or something that is a new beginning. I interpret shadow to mean something that needs to be let go of, something internal, or something that needs to be resolved.

Readings are not going to fix you (they’re a tool).

Just because I give you a reading does not mean that your problems will magically go away. Again, this is where your actions, thoughts, and feelings influence the process. I may help you identify areas for improvement but it will be up to you to experiment with how YOU want to improve your life. And that may or may not include the methods we discuss in your reading. But my hope is that at a minimum the reading will give you ideas or hope for changing a situation.

Getting a reading doesn’t always require a change. 

And then there are some readings that are for the sake of clarification or validation and don’t require that you move/change your job/get married etc. Often, after a reading my clients will say “You didn’t say anything I didn’t already know, but I definitely needed to hear it.” After you’ve received a reading, you don’t have to DO anything. Sometimes, in fact, the guidance may be that you need to stay the course, whatever course you may be on. This is where developing your own intuition can help you interpret a reading.

All of that being said, what my readings are is an opportunity for clarity. 

I want you to feel hopeful, vibrant, soothed, and supported after a reading. Readings can be fun or serious–it depends on what you want to get out of it. And of course, you can believe as much or as little of it as you would like. 😉

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