How to Know When It’s Time for a Reading

One of the most frequent questions I get from my clients is, “How will I know when it’s time for another reading?”

The nebulous answer: when it feels like it is time for another reading.

Even I find this answer a bit frustrating, which is why I thought scheduling readings would be the perfect topic for a blog post. So, here’s my quick guide to deciding if it’s time to get a reading.

If you’re about to have or have just had a major change in your life ( i.e. marriage, divorce, births, deaths etc.)

Big life changes come with a lot of questions, and while there are practical answers to questions like “How big of a moving truck will I need”, there is also spiritual guidance to be offered during these events. I often use the word “essence” to refer to the energy around a situation or event, and when there are big life changes in my clients’ lives I show them the essence of their situation. Bringing words, symbols, or colors to the abstract experience of change often brings them clarity and peace.

Incidentally, major life changes are also a good time for a space clearing in your home. As the essence of your situation changes, so too does the essence of where you live because your energy affects the space around you. It’s a good idea to make sure that your energy and the energy where you live are aligned; otherwise you may feel tired or just plain wonky.

If you feel stuck, uninspired, confused, or in need of clarity

You haven’t had a good idea in weeks. You can’t decide whether or not to take the new job/move to the new city/start the new relationship. You find yourself lost in the weeds and can’t see the big picture. These are all times when a psychic/intuitive reading can be very helpful. Most of my clients are in this foggy place when they come to see me and after their reading they often say they feel lighter, or that they have a clear sense of direction and purpose.

When you feel like you’ve “learned” the lessons of the last reading

This is a good one if you’re someone who pulls cards for yourself. When I started doing readings I only did readings for myself and I pulled a card every day. This was a great way to get to know my decks, but soon I found myself missing a card once I put it back in the deck, like a friend who had moved away. I took this as a nudge to mean that maybe the guidance provided by the card hadn’t really sunk in yet, that I hadn’t learned the lesson. The same thing is true of getting a reading from someone else. If you’re still processing what your intuitive said, you’re probably not ready for another reading.

Something else worth mentioning—if you’ve just had a reading (within the last week) and you are still looking for answers to the questions you’ve already asked, pause instead and consider the guidance you’ve been given. You’ll probably get more value out of considering why you feel like you need to keep asking rather than returning to the same intuitive, or finding another one, and asking your questions again.

That being said, if you feel like you’ve fully embodied the message of your last reading—you’re living in a new way, your energy feels different/better, you don’t find yourself wondering about the same things anymore—then it may be time to get another reading.

I also learned it was time for a new reading for myself when the cards I had set out by my bed didn’t look as “bright” anymore. If you’re someone who thinks in imagery or relies on sensation, tap in to your intuition and think about the last reading you had. If you can’t feel the influence of that energy anymore, it’s probably time for a new reading.

When you get that gut feeling

Sometimes our bodies will tell us when it’s time for a reading. I feel a rush of excitement or a tickle in my stomach when my intuition is tingling, and usually that means it’s time for me to get a reading. Your body could also feel heavy—and that may be an indication that a reading may help you lighten up. You may notice signs in your environment too—seeing three images of an owl in one day, for example, or you keeping hearing the name of your favorite intuitive in conversation. I’ve used this method for getting a massage. If I run into my masseuse on the street it’s usually a reminder that I need to book as session! 

When you are looking for some fun

A great time to get a reading is when you just feel like it! You don’t have to have a reason. Some of my favorite readings are with people who sit down at my table looking for a bit of fun. And it’s gratifying for me when they come only expecting some amusement and walk away feeling like their life has just clicked into place.



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